Vettel gana el GP de Hungría y retiene el liderato
Sebastian Vettel wins Hungarian Grand Prix


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MADRID.- El alemán Sebastian Vettel ganó este domingo el Gran Premio de Hungría de Fórmula Uno por delante del finlandés Kimi Raikkonen, su compañero en Ferrari, y retuvo el liderato del Campeonato del Mundo.

El triunfo número 46 de su carrera permitirá al germano afrontar el parón veraniego como líder destacado del Mundial después de batir en el circuito de Hungaroring a los finlandeses Kimi Raikkonen y Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes).

El británico Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) se quedó fuera del podio.

El holandés Max Verstappen (Red Bull) fue quinto, con los españoles Fernando Alonso (McLaren Honda) y Carlos Sainz (Toro Rosso) en el sexto y séptimo lugar, respectivamente.

El mexicano Sergio Pérez (Force India) finalizó la undécima prueba del Campeonato del Mundo de Fórmula Uno en el octavo puesto.


Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari went from pole to victory at the Formula One Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday. Vettel had some car issues in the latter half of the race and had to hold off teammate Kimi Raikkonen and the Mercedes cars of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, but he managed to do so.

Hamilton started fourth and ended up past his teammate until the final lap, when they swapped positions. He was attacking Raikkonen in the latter half of the race, and he desperately needed the points as he came into Sunday’s race trailing Vettel by a single point in the Drivers Championship.

But it will be 25 points for Vettel to extend his lead, and just 12 points for Hamilton. Raikkonen took second place, with Bottas in third. Max Verstappen finished fifth for Red Bull despite a penalty early in the race.

Bottas was about the same speed as Hamilton near the end of the race but Mercedes didn’t give the order to swap the two cars because Hamilton was close enough to Raikkonen. They did swap on the final lap right before the end, however.

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull was a victim of his young teammate, Verstappen. Both Red Bulls got off to a good start, and going around one of the fist turns, Ricciardo gave Verstappen more than enough room, but the latter suffered serious understeer problems and crashed into his teammate. Verstappen left the scrap in fourth place while Ricciardo became the first person eliminated from the race.

Verstappen took a 10-second time penalty for his role in the crash. That was the start of the race, with the only other incident involving Romain Grosjean of Haas and Nico Hulkenberg of Renault, but the stewards ultimately decided that nobody was at fault there.

Hamilton tried to pass Verstappen shortly after racing resumed, but eventually things calmed down as he was unable to secure the quick pass. With Verstappen having the time penalty, it was only a matter of time. By then, Bottas was clear of Verstappen by a couple seconds.

Bottas became the first of the leaders to come in on Lap 31, and had a slow pit stop of 3.5 seconds. He was trying to pull off the undercut, and came out in fifth behind Verstappen and Hamilton, as well as the two Ferraris. Hamilton came in on the following lap and rejoined the track behind Bottas.