ALLPS receives $4,150 in grants from the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation. The Math & counseling departments will use funds for student’s projects and classroom teaching.

ALLPS Students will have access to more resources thanks to grants provided by the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation.


By: Ryan Smith & Carlos Chicas

ALLPS School of Innovation received two separate grants awarded by the Fayetteville Public Education Foundation, totaling $4,150. One grant was awarded to Carlos Chicas, school counselor, and will be used to purchase camera equipment for a broadcasting program called ALLPS TV.

Dr. Wendt speaking at ALLPS 4th Annual Citywide Black History month Kick off event. All events are recorded as part of the ALLPS TV Project. The final videos are edited and posted to the ALLPS TV YouTube channel.

The funds provided from the grant will allow ALLPS students to gain real skills through working with professional camera and studio equipment. Chicas applied for the grant in hopes of sharing his passion for television broadcasting with the students. “It’s hard to expose kids to broadcasting, so this will be huge. I think some students really have a drive for this type of work; however we do not have studio resources here at ALLPS. Having our own professional video camera will allow us to expose ALLPS students to this type of work while continuing to be in our alternative learning environment.”

DeAnna Medlock, the Assistant Principal at ALLPS, expressed extreme gratitude for FPEF, and stated that “ALLPS does not have extensive funding sources, so we rely heavily on FPEF for resources to provide our students with materials, technology, community exposure, and many other important opportunities that require funding.”

ALLPS teaching staff and students during Thanksgiving Celebration last year.

In the past, grants provided by FPEF have allowed ALLPS to offer unique experiences for the kids that would otherwise be impossible. Mr. Archer, who teaches a bike shop class at ALLPS, received more than $5000 in funding last school year from the Foundation. He commented that the grant has funded the tools and parts inventory to operate the bike class since Sept 2016.

The second grant was awarded to Dr. Julie Wisch, and will be used to fund a math-based restaurant competition. Her project is called “Restaurant Wars,” the project requires students to first plan out the financial aspect of their restaurant with balance sheets, and then the students have a cook off in which the student body votes on the best dish.

The funds allowed ALLPS to purchase ingredients for when the students conducted the final cooking aspect of the competition. Following the first trial of the competition in the fall, a few students enrolled in Quantitative Literacy as one of the required math courses. Dr. Wisch stated that the program inspired a few students to seek out extra math classes. “If this option gets students excited enough about math that they are willing to take it when they don’t even have to, that is a great asset for our students and our school,” she said.The equipment and food provided by these grants will be used as early as this current semester.

ALLPS Students.

Dr. Hoy, Principal at ALLPS, stated, “FPEF provided more than $40,000 in funds to ALLPS in the last three years. The Pendergraft grant funded  classroom sets of calculators for the math and science classes; additionally  funds were provided for History Day curriculum, incentives for academic achievement, dissection equipment, environmental science equipment, bike education curriculum, and materials for our Art program. The foundation has been a vital resource for the ALLPS program. We are forever grateful for their generosity and support.”



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ALLPS recibe $4,150 en donaciones por parte de la Fundación Escolar de Fayetteville.

Los Departamentos de Matemáticas y Consejería utilizaran los fondos para proyectos enseñanza académica para sus estudiantes.

ALLPS recibió un total de $ 4,150 en fondos. Carlos Chicas Psicólogo escolar de la Escuela ALLP aplico para fondos que están disponibles en la Fundación Publica Escolar de Fayetteville. Los fondos recibidos serán utilizados para adquirir una cámara de video profesional que será utilizada para el proyecto ALLPS TV. “Es muy difícil exponer a nuestros estudiantes a la producción y filmación debido a los escasos recursos que tenemos, creo que la adquisición de nuestra propia cámara de grabación le dará esa experiencia a nuestros estudiantes y seguir siendo un establecimiento de enseñanza alternativa.

Ryan Smith is a social work intern at ALLPS.

DeAnna Medlock Sub Directora de ALLPS expresó su gratitud hacia la Fundación Publica Escolar de Fayetteville. “Debido a que no contamos con todo lo necesario, nosotros dependemos mucho de los recursos de la fundación para obtener materiales académicos e involucramiento de nuestros estudiantes en la comunidad y estamos inmensamente agradecidos con la fundación.”

En el pasado otros departamentos ha sido beneficiado con fondos por parte de la Fundación Publica Escolar de Fayetteville como lo expreso el profesor Archer quien es el encargado de clases nocturnas y ensena reparación de bicicletas, una clase electiva en ALLPS. “Los recursos de la fundación han sido de mucha ayuda para mi clase, los fondos me han permitido obtener herramienta necesaria para la reparación de nuestras bicicletas.”

La Dra. Julie Wisch recibió la segunda donación de fondos por parte de la FPEF. Dicho fondos serán utilizados para su proyecto de matemáticas que se llama “Guerra de Restaurantes” que inicia con la planeación de un negocio desde los inventarios, financiamiento del mismo y culmina con la preparación de platillos donde todos los estudiantes votan por el mejor plato.

Dr. Julie Wisch teaches Algebra and Linear Stats at ALLPS.

Los fondos también ayudaran para la compra de ingredientes de cocina. Después de culminada la primera etapa del proyecto, los estudiantes optaron por registrarse para la clase de literatura de matemáticas que es una clase electiva. Dra. Wisch cree que estos proyectos motivan a sus estudiantes a buscar otras clases que le permitan terminar las clases necesarias para su graduación. “Es muy interesante ver los resultados de proyectos como estos, ya que los estudiantes saben que no necesitan clases como la que mencione anteriormente pero de la manera como la presentamos motiva a nuestros estudiantes y creo que es una buena manera de ver los resultados académicos y de enseñanza en los estudiantes,” Concluyo Dra. Wisch.


El equipo videographico y comida que se comprara con los fondos obtenidos seran utilizados en el transcurso de este semestre escolar.