Benefits of Cat Ownership

Cat owners are healthy. Pet owners are healthier than non-pet owners. We have better cardiovascular health, as our blood pressure drops while we pat our pets and we benefit from improved psychological health too, with lower stress levels.

Of course we are less inclined to walk our cats but we can still have regular exercise playing with our cats and returning to that food dish to fill it up over and over again! Cats really do offer pet therapy.

Cats are low maintenance
We all know that dogs take a lot of looking after – those walks! Cats need care, there’s no doubt about that but cats are pretty self-sufficient. You can leave them to go to work or have a coffee and they don’t rip your washing off the line or howl until you return. They like to snooze the day away.

Cats owners are smart
Studies have shown that cat owners are smarter than dog owners! This above average intelligence, however, may be more to do with clever people working longer hours and a cat being easier to adapt to your lifestyle.

Cats make friends
Pet owners make friends easily as they talk to other pet lovers about their pets. Children with pets are more popular with their peers. And its not only platonic friendships that benefit from cat ownership. Apparently 9 out of 10 women believe that men who own cats are nicer than other men!

Cats are your friend
While non-cat owners often consider cats to be aloof, cat owners actually like this independent aspect of their feline friend’s personality. Cats, however, can also be very interactive and owners often enjoy ‘conversations’ with their cat. Cats utter a little chirrupy half meow half purr to greet you or to alert you that they would like to be fed. They also recognize their owner’s voice.

Cats are fun
Kittens must be one of the most playful of young animals on the planet. Playtime does not end with adulthood and most adult cats can easily be persuaded to join in a game of catch the feather or pounce on the squeaky mouse (or ipad game, these days!). Directing their attention on to toys is not only fun.

Arguable the most important benefit of cat ownership is companionship. With your cat you are never alone. They offer quiet support as they sit by your side, a welcoming greeting meow as you come home and an enthusiastic rub against you as you feed them. Enjoy your cat.