La Fiesta de Tulsa coming to Gathering Place July 26

By William R. Wynn | TULSA, OK

The flavors, sights and sounds of Latin America are coming to Gathering Place on Friday, July 26. “La Fiesta de Tulsa” will run from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. and will feature music, dance, food, and art in an event designed to showcase Latino and Hispanic cultures.

“This will be our first ‘La Fiesta de Tulsa,’” Gathering Place’s Rodrigo Rojas told La Semana. “The focus of this event is to create a fun, festive environment to celebrate Latin American culture at the park.”

Rojas said that several food trucks will be on hand to offer park goers a variety of different Latin taste treats, and Gathering Place’s own restaurants will present a signature food item in honor of the event.

The main attraction of “La Fiesta de Tulsa” will be the talented performers gracing the stage at the QuikTrip Great Lawn. Acclaimed Mexican singer Diana Reyes will headline the show and will be preceded by a number of talented national and local music and dance acts, including Proyecto Insomnio, La Gozadera Band, Tonatiuh Dance Co., Baila Tulsa, and more.

And in between the entertainment there will be plenty to do throughout Gathering Place.

Diana Reyes, Special guest

“There will be a lot of fun activities in the park throughout the evening,” Rojas promised. “As you go around the park you may see people selling Latin arts and crafts, maybe some clothes, painting workshops, face painting and different fun, festive things that align with Latin American culture, as well as some live art exhibitions.”

Rojas said “La Fiesta de Tulsa” is unlike any other event the park has held to date, one that aims to enthrall new visitors as well as those who already frequent Gathering Place.

“If you’ve been to the park before, you know how beautiful it is and that it’s an amazing place,” Rojas said, “but with these signature events, specifically with ‘La Fiesta de Tulsa,’ we’re hoping that you’ll be immersed in a new environment and experience that you probably haven’t felt at Gathering Place before.”

Rojas said it’s fitting that the first such event honors Tulsa’s Latin population, because from the first day Gathering Place opened Tulsa’s Hispanic community has embraced the park. “And we’re hoping this event will enhance that,” he said.

Visitors are encouraged to arrive early, plan on enjoying dinner, world class free entertainment, and a magical evening at the park with family and friends. For more information about Gathering Place’s ongoing programming, visit A free park app is also available for iOS and Android. (La Semana)