“The Lion King was my lucky charm”

Mexican singer Carlos Rivera, the voice of Simba in the movie The Lion King for the Latino Market, considered Sunday his lucky charm during his career, which he started in 2004. [19659003] The growth as a cast member of Rivera, 33, who has climbed the big stages to win the reality show La Academia, is linked to the story of Disney.

“I’m very excited and even nervous, the Lion King returns all the time to my life,” the singer told the media on the red carpet of the movie this Sunday in Mexico City.

“I love the story since I was a kid, I dreamed about it and it was my favorite movie and my amulet Good Luck.”

Rivera, now an accomplished singer and on his GuerraTour 2019 tour, said that he brings “good luck” every time the king touches something in his life.

He remembered that in 2004 he won La Academia, a competition like Operació n Triumph in Spain at the performance of the song “Tonight is to love” (“Can you feel the love tonight?”), Just from the Disney Cartoons.

In addition to acting in the musical “The Lion King” in Spain and now in the new version of the film, which is to become the success of summer around the world, and in Mexico and Latin America, this is no exception.

“It has always brought me good things, I believe in dreams a lot, and I believe that if you want something with your heart, you will be fulfilled.”

The film will fight for the largest number of viewers in July and August together with Spider-Man.