Tia Chepa, the best menudos in Tulsa

By Guillermo Rojas | Tulsa, OK

Josefa Martí­nez is the owner and the person responsible for the tasty dishes of “Tia Che­pa,” a Little restaurant located at 10915 E 31st Street in East Tulsa that is always at full capacity.

Josefa was born and raised in Guerrero, and came to the USA 30 years ago. After working in different restaurants and diners, she decided to open her own business in 2015. Today, in her 60’s, she successfully has taken control of her own dream and does not regret a thing.

“I have loved cooking since I was a child,” she said, “ and that is why I worked hard until I could have a restaurant of my own.”

“Back in Mexico we made food for the workers and businesspeople that came to town,” she recalled, tracing her recipes to generations of proud Mexican women.

Josefa Martí­nez

This mother of four and grandmother of seven knows that nothing can stop her now, not age, not her origins or language, nor anything the future throws at her. That is why she tells all those women that still dream big to do everything they can to succeed.

“Open your own restaurant, don’t be afraid, stop being an employee and work for your own ambition,” she urged. “You will risk a lot, but if you keep it clean and spice it up, it will work.”

Josefa asks only one thing from life, and that is good health so that “I can see my people here, eating, happily forever.”

Tia Chepa is open every day except Monday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm. The menu is known for its authenticity and great tasting dishes. Tia Chepa’s specialties include menduo, gorditas, and quesadillas. (La Semana)