Real Madrid no contratará nuevamente a Cristiano Ronaldo / Cristiano will not return to Madrid

El club blanco piensa que su ciclo ya pasó y su objetivo es el fichaje de Mbappé.

El Real Madrid no piensa en el regreso de Cristiano Ronaldo al club blanco, aunque en Italia se ha estado especulando sobre la vuelta del portugués al conjunto merengue.

De acuerdo a diarios españoles como Marca y AS, el Madrid considera que la etapa del portugués ya finalizó y que no entra en la estrategia de fichajes del equipo, que ahora prioriza la llegada de jóvenes talentos como Kylian Mbappé, el gran objetivo del equipo.

Las relaciones entre Cristiano y el club han mejorado bastante desde que se marchó hace dos años, pero lo cierto es que en las altas esferas del Madrid no se han planteado el regreso del luso.

La presencia de CR7 en el último Clásico ante el Barcelona en el Santiago Bernabéu fue un gesto que gustó mucho al club y certificó que las relaciones entre el jugador y el Real Madrid son excelentes, pero no tanto para traer un jugador de 35 años de edad.

Cristiano will not return to Madrid

In Italy speculates on the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid, but the chances of the Portuguese returning to the Santiago Bernabéu they are absolutely and completely null. “It does not fit into the Club’s sports policy,” say top Madrid sources. Madrid has a great memory of Cristiano and its president, Florentino Pérez, has high esteem for him “But his time has passed and the sports goals are different,” confirmed the same sources.

Several Italian media, and with greater intensity ‘Il Corriere dello Sport’, published in Rome, have been speculating for days with the return of Cristiano, 35, who still has two contracts left with his team, Juventus, in which he wins 31 million euros and in which enjoy a flat tax rate of one hundred thousand euros for your advertising revenue, which also represent tens of millions annually. The theory in Italy is that Juventus wants to reduce payrolls due to the economic impact of the coronavirus, and that would put Cristiano on the market for 60 million euros, 40 million less than what he paid to Real Madrid for CR7. If so, of course their destination “will not be Madrid,” they emphatically insist on Concha Espina.

Mbappé’s number 1 priority remains, and they do not give up the PSG striker although they are aware of the difficulties involved in such a signing. But if Madrid is considering hiring a crack, the position is for the young Frenchman, for whom they are willing to wait at the Bernabéu offices. Meanwhile, the profile of players followed by the White Club is the one that has been seen in recent times with the additions of Vinicius or Rodrigo, young players with great projection.