Peleador amateur de lucha libre se fracturó ambas piernas tras saltar al ring

El hombre fue llevado a un hospital en Delaware, Estados Unidos, completamente inmovilizado

Un peleador amateur de lucha libre llamado Justin estaba practicando junto a sus compañeros en un cuadrilátero, lo que sería un espectáculo aparentemente informal, sin embargo, con lo que no contaba, era que con el salto se fracturaría las dos piernas.

Justin, que andaba con ropa informal, decidió subirse a la segunda cuerda de una de las esquinas del cuadrilátero para llevar a cabo su salto. Sin embargo, al momento de caer se logra visualizar que sus piernas quedaron adelante y el resto del cuerpo atrás, provocando que la presión hiciera que se partieran ambas piernas.

El hombre fue llevado a un hospital en Delaware, Estados Unidos, completamente inmovilizado, donde fue sometido a varias cirugías en sus piernas.

Sus familiares esperan que pueda recuperarse satisfactoriamente en los próximos días.

Wrestler may need leg amputated after horror double break in stunt gone wrong

An amateur wrestler broke both legs – and now may lose one of them completely

Before we go any further let’s just reiterate the graphic warning above. Please don’t read another word if you get triggered by graphic injuries.

Because this double leg break is about as gruesome as it gets.

Amateur wrestler Justin was excited to take part in a backyard match but was rushed to intensive care before it even got started after his planned dramatic entrance went completely wrong.

The engaged father-of-one jumped and spun from the second rope of the ring but when his feet hit the mat his knees bent backwards and both of his legs broke.

Justin’s fiancee Ashley has started a GoFundMe page because he doesn’t have health insurance and is staring at $200,000 worth of medical bills.

“It’s obviously cringeworthy for anybody, but to see it happen to someone you love so much and knowing that amputation is a huge possibility, it’s gut-wrenching,” Ashley said.

She detailed his progress to date on the fundraising page.

“Since his injuries, Justin has had three surgeries with rods and pins put in his left leg with an additional surgery scheduled this week. Physicians are working hard to determine if amputation will be necessary,” she wrote.

“He’ll ultimately be faced with a long road to recovery starting with a two week minimum hospital stay.

“His son, fiancee, family and friends are asking for donations in support of his medical expenses as Justin does not have insurance

“Yes $200,000 seems incredibly steep, however the hospital stay, numerous surgeries, medical equipment, the countless months of physical therapy ahead, and even handicapping his home will far exceed this request.”

Footage of Justin’s fall went viral on social media and some rough feedback has added to an already rough year for the man from Delaware.

“Though the internet has been a mixed bag of concern and distasteful cruelty, Justin has remained lighthearted in his situation. However, no amount of money will cover the emotional damage he will continue to endure through the aftermath of this horrible accident, so any offerings would help,” Ashley wrote.

“Justin has been through so much physically in the last few days, on top of a recent custody battle, and losing his father this past Christmas. He will sincerely appreciate any contributions to alleviate this unfortunate financial burden. At very minimum, we simply ask you to pray for Justin.”

One of wrestling’s stars has chipped in to help with his medical expenses. Chris Jericho, currently starring in AEW after a long career in WWE, donated $2,000.

“That was so terrible!!!!!” Jericho told TMZ when asked why he donated.

At the time of publish $17,000 had been raised. By Jai Bednall