Carlos Ponce le dará vida a Luis Miguel en la serie de Netflix

Todo un éxito ha sido la bioserie del intérprete Luis Miguel, transmitida por la plataforma Netflix, luego de que el público disfrutara de un par de temporadas, se viene la tercera.

En una publicación de Instagram, Diego Boneta reveló que sería el actor Carlos Ponce, quien interpreta a Luis Miguel en su edad madura en la famosa serie de Netflix.

El actor mexicano posteó una fotografía en la que aparece una lista con el nombre de algunos actores y el personaje para el que están considerados, y es en el nombre de Carlos Ponce donde se lee la palabra ‘adulto’ entre paréntesis; lo que indica que él podría ser el elegido para personificar al cantante en su etapa actual.

Se había mencionado que Diego Boneta continuaría interpretando a Luis Miguel, sometido a un proceso de caracterización para dar la impresión de más edad; pero al parecer se decidió que sea otro actor mayor quien de vida al cantante.

Todavía no está confirmado que Carlos Ponce será el nuevo Luis Miguel, pero los fans del puertorriqueño están seguros de que así será.

Carlos Ponce will replace Diego Boneta in Netflix series

Netflix works on the third and last part of “Luis Miguel, the series”, The production that launched Diego Boneta, its protagonist, to stardom. The bioseries tells the story of ‘El Sol de México’, his family problems, his complicated love relationships and, of course, the details of his successful artistic career.

In the third installment of the series, new actors will join the cast, including Jade Ewen, who will play Mariah Carey; Sebastián Zurita, as Alex Basteri adult; and Carlos Ponce, who will have a very important role in the plot: It will be nothing less than the adult version of Luismi!

The information was released by Boneta himself through his Instagram account. “Welcome” was the message that the Mexican wrote on the social network next to a photograph in which a paper with the names of the cast of the third season is observed on a console.

For his part, Carlos Ponce replicated the image in which his name appears and in the description he confirmed his participation. “So this is happening! I come to fix all this mess, will it? “wrote the Puerto Rican on the social network.

Meanwhile, the official account of the series wrote: “The Sun will return very soon accompanied by stars”, confirming the new cast. From the previous seasons, the following remain: Juan Pablo Zurita, César Santana, Gabriel Nuncio, Macarena Achaga, Fernando Guallar, Pablo Cruz Guerrero, Juan Ignacio Cane, Teresa Ruiz, Axel Llunas and Antonio Mauri.

In the third season of “Luis Miguel, the series”, the plot will continue with the mechanics of two timelines with a younger Luismi and another in his adult stage.

Who is Carlos Ponce?
He was born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, on September 2, 1972, but has Cuban origins. His parents Carlos Ponce and Esther Freyre emigrated from the island after the Cuban Revolution and settled in the Puerto Rican city of Humacao.

From a very young age, he has been clear that his is acting and did not hesitate to demonstrate his talent in the plays at his school and in his own home, where he prepared shows to the delight of his entire family. His first television appearance was at age six in a commercial.

Years later, the Ponce family moved to Miami, where Carlos continued with his participation in the plays of his school. His efforts did not take long to bring rewards: he was awarded as the best student actor in the southern region of the United States.

In 1990, he obtained a scholarship to be able to enroll in the Escuela del Conservatorio de Artes Nuevo Mundo. Parallel to this, the Univisión network offered him to participate in the program “Hablando”, the offer was so tempting that Carlos dropped out of his university studies.

After his debut as a television presenter, new challenges came for Carlos. Televisa gave him his first role in the telenovela “Guadalupe”, in which he shared roles with Adela Noriega and Eduardo Yáñez. Then he got his first leading role in “Sentimientos ajenos”, from the same Mexican chain.

Throughout his career, Ponce has divided his time between acting and hosting TV. In 2001, he was part of the cast of “Sin Pecado Conceido” with Angélica Rivera, Sebastián Rulli, Sergio Goyri and Itatí Cantoral. And in 2006, she hosted the Miss Universe pageant in Los Angeles, with Shandi Finnessey, Nancy O’Dell and Carson Kressley. A year later, he starred in the soap opera “Dame chocolate” alongside Génesis Rodríguez and Karla Monroig. In addition, he was the protagonist of “Perro amor”, a telenovela on the Telemundo network.