GP Estados Unidos F1 2021 – Checo Pérez agradece a la afición: “No me di por vencido por ustedes” / Formula 1: Checo Pérez revealed that from lap 1 he ran out of water; “I didn’t give up on you”

Asegura que estaba perdiendo fuerzas en la recta final

Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez firmó una exitosa carrera y culminó una gran participación en el Gran Premio de Estados Unidos al finalizar en la tercera posición. El mexicano reafirmó que lo sucedido en la Prácticas Libres en el Circuito de Las Américas no fue casualidad y lo demostró este domingo.

Red Bull hizo el 1-3 en un intenso duelo entre Max Verstappen y Lewis Hamilton, pero fue el piloto neerlandés el que se llevo la victoria.

La carrera se tornó más difícil debido al intenso calor en Texas, en donde Checo se quedó sin agua desde la primera vuelta y confiesa que estaba perdiendo fuerzas en la recta final.

“Fue un poco físico allá afuera, desde la vuelta uno me quedé sin agua, no podía beber nada, a la mitad se comenzó a poner muy difícil, muy duro físicamente. Estaba perdiendo fuerzas hacia el final”.

El tapatío recibió el apoyo de la afición desde los primeros días y aseguró que gracias a ellos no se dio por vencido y agradeció nuevamente el apoyo.
“Muchas gracias por tanto apoyo, de verdad que no me di por vencido por ustedes, muchas muchas gracias”. REDACCIÓN MARCA CLARO

Formula 1: Checo Pérez revealed that from lap 1 he ran out of water; “I didn’t give up on you”

United States.- Magical afternoon for Sergio “Checo” Pérez who validated his domain on the test day for the United States Grand Prix stay with a place on the podium. This time he was third behind Max Verstappen (1) and Lewis Hamilton (2). But not everything went well because the Mexican suffered from lap one due to the lack of water.

After finishing the race the mexican pilot He confessed that it was a good but complicated race and he had problems with hydration In more than two hours after his water reserve stopped working, something that he realized from the first lap, so he had to run like that since he could not stop to have it repaired, he would lose everything.

In the 55 laps that the United States Grand Prix had, Checo Pérez had to dose his efforts not to give in to the attacks of other pilots, in addition to the fact that evidently the lack of hydration greatly affected the Mexican who finished the race in urgency reaching look for some water, given the combination of temperature and physical effort.

“From lap 1 I had no water. In the middle of my second stint it got very hard, physically difficult”, were his first words for Formula 1 but he also took advantage of the microphones to thank everyone who supported him in the GP and He confessed that he fought to the end for the result for them, “Thank you very much for so much support, I did not give up for you. Really, thank you very much,” he said.

After that, Checo drank some water and prepared for the award ceremony where he was presented with the third-place trophy, second Mexican podium with Red Bull this season of Formula 1.

Now he will prepare for what is coming in a couple of weeks which is the Mexican Grand Prix where he will seek to make history before his fans by seeking to repeat some place among the best 3 or even be the winner of the GP. That will be the penultimate race of the campaign and then go to Brazil to close everything and look for the titles of both drivers and constructors.
October 24, 2021 by Brendon Ryan