Ascienden a ocho los fallecidos por caída de una pared rocosa en Brasil / Death toll rises to eight from rocky wall falling on boats in Brazil

El número de fallecidos en el grave accidente ocurrido el sábado en un lago de Brasil, tras caerse una enorme pared rocosa sobre unas barcas de turistas, se elevó de ocho a 10 , informaron este domingo fuentes oficiales.

Los equipos de rescate encontraron el cuerpo de un hombre sumergido en la zona del accidente, en el municipio de Capitólio, estado de Minas Gerais (sureste), y continúan con la búsqueda de los otros dos desaparecidos, según afirmó el portavoz del Cuerpo de Bomberos, Pedro Aihara, a los periodistas.

Además de los 10 fallecidos, hubo una treintena de heridos, la mayoría leves, aunque cuatro de ellos siguen hospitalizados.

El desastre, que fue grabado con los celulares de otros viajeros que se encontraban en el lugar, se produjo el sábado sobre mediodía hora local, luego que una enorme roca se desprendiera de la pared del cañón y se precipitara sobre cuatro barcas que se encontraban en el lago Furnas. EFE

Death toll rises to eight from rocky wall falling on boats in Brazil

The number of deaths in the accident that occurred on Saturday in a lake in Brazil, after a huge rocky wall fell on some tourist boats, rose from seven to eight, official sources reported this Sunday.

The rescue teams found the body of a man submerged in the area of ​​the accident, in the municipality of Capitólio, Minas Gerais state (southeast), and continue with the search for the other two disappeared, according to the spokesman for the Fire Department. , Pedro Aihara, to journalists.

In addition to the eight deaths, there were about thirty injured, most minor, although four of them remain hospitalized.

The disaster, which was recorded with the cell phones of other travelers who were in the place, occurred on Saturday around noon local time, when a huge rock fell off the canyon wall and fell on four boats that were in the Lake Furnas.

In a video that circulates on social networks moments before the incident, the affected boats are observed trying to get away from the canyon wall, between the warnings of the people who were in the surrounding boats and while the rocky structure begins to crack.

Firefighters initially reported that there were 20 missing, although hours later they reduced that number considerably by contacting the vast majority of them.

Members of the Fire Department, the Police, the Navy and the Civil Defense participate in the search efforts, in an operation “with more than 50” uniformed men, of which 11 are divers who are knowledgeable about the region and specialized in rescuing victims. , according to Aihara.

Authorities suspect that heavy rainfall in the region in recent days put pressure on the canyon walls, which may have caused the landslide.

Aihara explained the day before, in statements to the GloboNews channel, that this region of canyons is made up of sedimentary rocks “more susceptible to the actions of wind and rain” and, therefore, “have less resistance” to inclement weather.

The place where the accident occurred is a very touristy point of Capitólio, a city located about 280 kilometers from Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais (southeast), and famous for its natural beauties and its impressive gorges, which can be visited at through boat trips.