Asesina serial sería la responsable del homicidio de una mujer hallada desmembrada en Brooklyn

Woman whose dismembered torso was found in Brooklyn shopping cart was victim of 83-year-old killer, NYPD suspects

Una mujer trans de 83 años fue acusada de ser la responsable de la muerte de una mujer de 68 años cuyo cuerpo fue encontrado desmembrado dentro de una bolsa, la cual a su vez estaba en un carro de compras, en un vecindario de Brooklyn, Nueva York, la semana pasada.

El caso ha indignado a la población, pues la presunta culpable está en libertad condicional perpetua por matar a dos mujeres, una en 1963 y otra en 1984.

Se trata de Harvey Marcelin quien fue arrestada a finales de la semana pasada luego de que fuera sorprendida en cámaras de vigilancia tirando partes del cuerpo de la víctima cerca de su apartamento, en Cypress Hill; aún no se han determinado los cargos que podría enfrentar. Fuentes oficiales identificaron a la víctima como Susan Leyden.

¿Qué es lo que pasó?

El jueves pasado el torso de una mujer fue encontrado dentro de una bolsa de basura dentro de un carrito de compras abandonado en una esquina, frente a una tienda; fue descubierto por un transeúnte que quedó impactado al descubrir que había adentro.

De acuerdo con los reportes, el cadáver femenino fue encontrado dentro de una bolsa de basura sin cabeza ni extremidades. Según se informa, el hombre vio la bolsa de basura en el carrito de compras y decidió llevarla a la esquina para que fuera recolectada más tarde por el servicio de limpieza, pero al cargarla fue que vio lo que había dentro. Por: El Heraldo

Woman whose dismembered torso was found in Brooklyn shopping cart was victim of 83-year-old killer, NYPD suspects

NYPD cops believe a woman whose dismembered torso was found stuffed in a shopping cart in Brooklyn was killed by an 83-year-old man she knows, a police source said Wednesday.

The victim, a 68-year-old woman, has not yet been publicly identified by police.

Her headless, limbless torso was found 1:45 a.m. last Thursday by a passerby who saw a garbage bag stuffed in a two-wheeled grocery shopping cart at Atlantic and Pennsylvania Aves., an East New York intersection normally bustling with activity during the day.

Police reviewed surveillance video and found the remains were left there a short time earlier by a woman, the source said Wednesday.

That woman was later identified and located, the source said, and then detectives identified the suspected killer.

The body did not appear to be decomposed, had no visible stab or gunshot wounds, and had no tattoos or other identifying marks, a police source said shortly after it was found.

The motive for the murder was not clear.

The victim, the suspect and the other woman all know each other, the source said. The woman who dumped the body appears to have been asked to discard the torso, though it’s not clear if she realized what she was throwing out.

Police said they thoroughly searched the area for other remains, but found nothing.

But on Monday afternoon, a passerby found a human leg in a plastic bag sticking out of a tire across the street from an auto repair shop on Jamaica Ave. near New Jersey Ave., less than three blocks from where the victim’s torso was found.

It has not been confirmed if the leg belonged to the 68-year-old woman.

Bodega worker Jose Cintron, 37, said he was behind the counter when a homeless man came in claiming to have seen a leg amid some garbage across the street.

“I didn’t believe him,” Cintron said. “I thought he was drugged out. I crossed the street, and as soon as I got closer it was a leg. It was inside a black carrier bag that was inside a tire surrounded by garbage.”

He said someone else called 911.

“I panicked,” Cintron said. “You hear stories on the news, but to see something like that. I lost my appetite. I couldn’t tell if it was a right leg or a left leg. I knew it was a human leg.”

When a dismembered torso was found in a Brooklyn park in 2018, investigators at least had a distinctive tattoo to help them in their search for that victim’s identity.

A Brooklyn pimp and madam were charged in connection with the death of Brandy Odom, 26, whose remains were discovered butchered in Canarsie Park in Brooklyn on April 9, 2018.

Investigators said Odom was a prostitute whose pimp and madam took out life insurance policies on the victim’s life before conspiring to kill her.

Cory Martin and Adelle Anderson — who worked as Odom’s pimp and madam respectively, according to a federal law enforcement source — were arrested in Trenton, N.J., and charged in the crime.

Anderson and Martin texted about the insurance policy they wanted to take out on Odom’s life, according to court papers.