Billie Eilish y John Leyend actuarán en convención demócrata

Artistas como Billie Eilish y John Leyend participarán en la convención demócrata, que debido al coronavirus se celebrará de manera virtual y en la que el exvicepresidente Joe Biden aceptará la candidatura del partido a la Presidencia de EE.UU.

Otros artistas que actuará en la convención, que se celebrará del 17 al 20 de agosto, son Leon Bridges, The Chicks, Common, Jennifer Hudson, Billy Porter, Maggie Rogers, Prince Royce y Stephen Stills, informó la organización en un comunicado.

«En solo tres días comenzaremos una Convención Nacional Demócrata que será y se sentirá muy diferente respecto a convenciones pasadas», dijo la ejecutiva del programa del evento, Stephanie Cutter.

«Será una convención de verdad de EE.UU., y estos artistas increíbles nos ayudarán a contar la historia de dónde estamos como país hoy día bajo el liderazgo fallido de Donald Trump, la promesa de lo que podemos y deberíamos ser con Joe Biden como presidente», agregó.

Cutter subrayó que los artistas que intervendrán en la convención están comprometidos con fomentar el registro de los votantes y movilizarlos.


Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, the Chicks, John Legend to Perform at the Democratic National Convention

If this year’s extremely important presidential election wasn’t enough to get you to tune in for the national conventions, maybe a little Billy Porter can sweeten the deal? Some Maggie Rogers to entice you to watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris accept the nom? According to Variety, the 2020 Democratic National Convention announced its musical performers Friday, including Billie Eilish, John Legend, the Chicks, Billy Porter, Jennifer Hudson, Common, Maggie Rogers, Prince Royce, and Stephen Stills, all set to perform during next week’s four-day event.

“In just three days, we will kick off a Democratic National Convention that will look and feel very different than past conventions. It will truly be a convention across America, and these incredible artists will help us tell the story of where we are as a country today under Donald Trump’s failed leadership, and the promise of what we can and should be with Joe Biden as president,” 2020 DNC program executive Stephen Cutter said in a statement. “These artists are committed to engaging with, registering, and mobilizing voters to get us over the finish line in November.”

While the convention did not specifically say whether Billie, Billy, and the gang will perform remotely or on location, the ongoing coronavirus quarantine likely necessitates virtual sets, rather than actual stage time at Milwaukee’s Wisconsin Center, where the convention is headquartered. Eilish tweeted that her performance will take place on Wednesday, August 19, sometime during the convention’s nightly airing between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. EST. The 2020 Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday, August 17 and runs through Thursday, August 20; you can read more about it here. By Halle Kiefer