Así quedó definido el sorteo de los cuartos de final y las semifinales de la Uefa Champions League 2019/2020

Sorteados ya los cuartos de final y las semifinales de la UEFA Champions League. Recordemos que los partidos de cuartos de final se disputarán en Lisboa los días 12, 13, 14 y 15 de agosto.

A falta de conocer los últimos integrantes de la ronda de los cuartos de final, que saldrán de los enfrentamientos entre el Manchester City vs Real Madrid, Juventus vs Olympique de Lyon, Bayern vs Chelsea y Barcelona vs Nápoles, el sorteo ha quedado de la siguiente manera:

(12 AL 15 AGOSTO)

  1. Ganador Manchester City vs Real Madrid VS Ganador Olympique de Lyon vs Juventus
  2. RB Leipzig VS Atlético de Madrid
  3. Ganador del Nápoles vs FC Barcelona VS Ganador del Chelsea vs Bayern
  4. PSG VS Atalanta


  1. Ganador eliminatoria 1 VS Ganador eliminatoria 3
  2. Ganador eliminatoria 2 VS Ganador eliminatoria 4
    Así lo reseñó MARCA

Champions League quarter-final and semi-final draws: all you need to know

When and where are the draws?

The UEFA Champions League quarter-final and semi-final draws will both take place at the House of European Football in Nyon, Switzerland, on Friday 15 March.
The draw ceremony will begin at 12:00CET.

Who is involved in the draws?

Ajax (NED)
Barcelona (ESP)
Juventus (ITA)
Liverpool (ENG)
Manchester City (ENG)
Manchester United (ENG)
Porto (POR)
Tottenham Hotspur (ENG)

How will the draws work?

There is no seeding or country protection, with any restrictions to be announced ahead of the draw. The semi-final draw will follow the quarter-final draw, meaning teams will know their potential paths to the final.

Manchester City and Manchester United will not be able to play at home on the same night, nor on consecutive nights, following a decision made by the relevant local authorities. Therefore, should both clubs be drawn at home in the same week, the team having finished lower in the domestic league the previous season – in this case Manchester United – will be reversed in accordance with the UEFA Club Competitions Committee principles. Any potential reversal for the semi-finals, for the same reason, would be confirmed after the quarter-finals.

Is there really a draw for the final too?

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Yes, for administrative reasons, to deem the ‘home’ team in Madrid.

How can you follow the draw?

The draw will be streamed live on, with coverage throughout the day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

When will the matches be played?

9/10 April: Quarter-finals, first leg
16/17 April: Quarter-finals, second leg
30 April/1 May: Semi-finals, first leg
7/8 May: Semi-finals, second leg

Saturday 1 June: Final – Estadio Metropolitano, Madrid

All matches kick off at 21:00CET. Exceptions to this rule can be made by the UEFA administration.