“Vean las cosas buenas y no los escándalos”

Vicente Fernández Jr. sale en defensa de su padre cuando una joven publicó una foto donde asegura que Vicente Fernández la tocó inapropiadamente.

Vicente Fernández Jr., lamentó que no se hable de muchas cosas positivas que tiene y hace su padre, y la atención se centre en recientes escándalos sobre manoseo de su padre a algunas fans. “Mira, deberían de hacer comentarios de tanta gente que ayuda mi padre”, expresó Vicente Fernández Jr.
“Mi padre y mi madre no han desamparado a los empleados que tienen, a la gente que está en su entorno y que, aunque mi padre está retirado, es de muy buen corazón”, agregó el hijo del intérprete.

“Nunca nos ha gustado anunciar lo que hacen y lo que no hacen. Nunca nos ha gustado presumir o hacer mención de las obras buenas, pero yo considero que eso es lo que debe hacer el ser humano, propiciar y motivar con obras buenas, no con memes o malos entendidos”, defendió.

Vicente Jr. dejó claro que no es él quien debe respon­der al respecto del polémico video donde se ve a su padre tocando el pecho de una fan que le pidió una fotografía con él.

“Yo no te puedo opinar de algo en lo que yo no estuve, en todo caso se lo tendrían qué preguntar a mi papá, porque tampoco soy vocero de la familia”, aseguró.

A mediados de esta semana se viralizó un video en las redes sociales. La joven que se identifica con el nombre de “Lex”, publicó un video en el que relata lo que sucedió cuando Vicente Fernández la tocó de manera inapropiada.

“Esa foto fue tomada en 2017, la razón por la que mi expresión se ve tranquila no es porque me gustó, sino porque no me di cuenta que su mano estaba ahí hasta que miré las fotografías con mi mamá”, afirmó vía TikTok.

Aparecen más imágenes de Vicente Fernández supuestamente tocando a fans

Vicente Fernández Jr. defended his father from the harassment accusations

After the videos where Vicente Fernández touched women inappropriately without their consent, criticism has not stopped. But now his eldest son came to his father’s defense.

At a recent press conference, Vicente Fernández Jr. broke the silence about the controversy and defended his father, in addition to declare yourself a feminist.

“As people and as ladies they are absolutely right, not only the population of Jalisco, the population of the world, I am a feminist and we have always been taught to respect, both my mother and my father, to a lady, because my mother taught me to treat women like princesses“, said.

Regarding the accusations of harassment that have surrounded “Chente” lately, the singer also justified his father’s actions, arguing that his career has had more significance than anything else he has done.

“They grab like the tip of the iceberg, and they do not look at all the significance of 50 years of work. It is not necessary to publicize how much my father has helped people, that the ranch has more than 35 years of age with workers in service of course, that the staff is part of our family and unfortunately these ways of seeing things do not take them into account. But it doesn’t matter, my father is my father, ”he said.

However, he added that he has not seen the videos showing the “Charro de Huentitán” groping the women and that he was not interested in seeing them. For this same reason, he said that he would not talk about an issue that does not correspond to him.

“I believe that as people, we respond to what each of us does. And if they want to interview, I am not the person. Me I can’t answer for something I didn’t do”, Defended the singer.

In the middle of this week a video went viral on social networks. The young woman who identifies herself by the name of “Lex”, published a video in which she recounted what happened when Vicente Fernández touched her inappropriately.

“That photo was taken in 2017, the reason why my expression looks calm it is not because I liked it, rather it was because I did not realize that his hand was there until I looked at the photographs with my mother”He stated via TikTok.

“I felt violent, angry with the man and everyone is defending him. (…) I don’t care if it’s Vicente Fernández, he shouldn’t have touched my body without my permission, especially in that area. I’m sure many women have experienced the same“Concluded the young woman who was sexually harassed by the interpreter.

After this testimony, a confrontation arose in social networks between those who condemn the behavior of the ranchera singer and those who defend him.

Hours After Fernández’s video went viral, a series of users decided to make public their testimonies about the alleged sexual harassment they received from the singer. The video recordings have been broadcast through the video platform TikTok.

The television host Javier Ceriani shared the video of a second follower being harassed through his official Instagram account. In the video recording it can be seen that the singer touched the bosom of a young fan, while both posed for a portrait. The woman was in the company of a male individual who did not seem to notice the singer’s touching.

The setting is identical to that of the first video that went viral this week. However, this time Fernández was dressed in a black jacket, unlike the yellow shirt with which he was previously captured.